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Foot & Ankle
  • Supporting our Physiotherapy colleagues as the impact of coronavirus threatens businesses
    25th April 2020
    Foot & Ankle, General News, Hip, Knee, Sports Injuries
    Whilst we are all aware of the devastating effects of the coronavirus on public...
  • Coronavirus work continues as our surgeons do their part for the NHS
    24th April 2020
    Coronavirus, Degenerative Diseases, Foot & Ankle, General News, Hip, Knee, Sports Injuries
    Top left and clockwise, Mr Chethan Jayadev, Mr Simon Newman, Mr Luke Jones (&...
  • Grosvenor Orthopaedic Partners continuing to provide musculoskeletal care in London
    18th March 2020
    Degenerative Diseases, Foot & Ankle, General News, Hip, Knee, Sports Injuries
    The safety of our patients, staff and visitors is of paramount importance to us. We...
  • What is Hip Arthritis?
    13th March 2020
    Degenerative Diseases, General News, Hip
    Coxarthrosis, Osteoarthritis of the Hip, Degenerative Hip Disease........another great example of the medical profession...
  • All About the Fat Pad...
    25th November 2019
    Knee, Sports Injuries
    The Fat Pad, Hoffa’s Fat Pad, Infrapatellar Fat Pad… All these terms are synonyms...
  • Why Am I Getting Heel Pain?
    24th November 2019
    Foot & Ankle
    Heel pain is a very common symptom and normally resolves within a very short...
  • Why Do I Get Hip Pain When Running?
    23rd November 2019
    Running can be great exercise, but as all runners know, you can expect to...
  • Should I Be Worried About My Baker’s Cyst?
    23rd November 2019
    It is common for patients to come to clinic having been told they have...
  • Proximal Medial Gastrocnemius Release (PMGR)
    22nd November 2019
    Foot & Ankle
    Find out in in this short article about Proximal Medial Gastrocnemius Release (PMGR), what...
  • Why Have I Got an Arthritic Hip and What Can I Do About it?
    20th November 2019
    Degenerative Diseases, Hip
    Around 9% of adults in the UK over 45 have some hip osteoarthritis. It...
  • Knee Plica Syndrome – Is This Causing my Knee Pain?
    18th November 2019
    We commonly see patients who wonder if they might have a plica in their...
  • Have I Ruptured my Achilles Tendon?
    15th November 2019
    Foot & Ankle, Sports Injuries
    The Achilles tendon is an important structure at the back of the heel that...
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